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EGO Twist II 2200mah vv battery


GS EGO II Twist VV 2200mah Battery Variable Voltage 3.3-4V

GS eGo II battery range boasts an exceptional 2200 mAh capacity and is remarkable value for money. The GS 2200 mAh is solidly built and is only 2mm wider than the standard 1300 mAh batteries yet it has a impressive 2200 mAh capacity which should keep you vaping all day without any issues at all.

This is a ideal spare or replacement battery for most users as the batteries are compatible all 510 fitting devices. The battery utilises the 5 click safety mechanism.

Powerful 2200 mAh capacity, ideal all day vaping

5 click safety protection

127mm long

Battery level indicator

Short circuit protection

Value for money

Solid build quality

How To Use:
Simply screw onto/into any 510/eGo threaded tank and battery power button 5 times consecutively to remove safety lock of device.

To reactivate safety lock, click button 5 times consecutively within 2 seconds. Device will flash 3 times after unlocking or locking. Charge for 4 to 5 hours for full recharge.

Always keep the contact pin of your battery clean by ensuring no residue is left on the centre pin.

Use a cotton bud or tissue and ensure top of battery is clean and dry to allow a good contact between your battery and tank.

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