Article 20 / TPD

Article 20 TPD information

What is the TPD?

Article 20 of the TPD has been described as the worse piece of legislation to come out of the EU in history. The TPD is the EU directive that tells all member states of the European Union how to control tobacco. It’s been responsible for bans on tobacco advertising, warning labels and bans on smoking in public places. The latest version of the TPD (it’s updated every ten years or so) includes electronic cigarettes – despite the fact that e-cigs do not contain tobacco at all.

The final draft of the TPD was also agreed behind closed doors in a process called ‘trilogue’.

The TPD that the MEPs voted through changed quite considerably after trilogue, so the current proposed regulations, due to come into force in May 2016 will now ban e-liquid over 20mgs ml, ban tanks over 2mls in capacity, ban all forms of adverting, impose almost impossible standards of manufacture so effectively banning refillable tanks and leave it up to member states to decide on the flavours available for their citizens which will result in much less choice on the market.

Many people believe that the nicotine levels and the tank sizes are not an issue, and they may not be for a few – but as already stated it is the devil in the detail that is the issue – and the detail is what will essentially kill the industry, leaving only the ciggie-like e-cigs, that ironically are manufactured by the tobacco industry giants.

What is the need for the TPD?

Article 20 of the TPD is supposed to be about Public Health and bringing solid regulation to the vaping industry. The problem is the regulations coming are like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut, they are way and above what is needed and will stop the industry dead in its tracks and possibly kill it altogether, which is what has led many to believe its all about something else entirely.

The fact that the TPD will crush many well known reputable vendors will leave a huge black market where you will be forced to purchase your goods from. This is far more dangerous to public health than the current situation as no products will be tested, non compliant e liquid will be very dangerous and you will not get help and advice on products and what is best for you.

Who will be affected by the TPD?

Vendors, The Public, e liquid manufacturers, DIY e liquid makers basically everybody will be affected in a negative manner by the current TPD.

How will the public be affected?

But didn't the NHS say that vaping is 95% safer than smoking ?

This is correct it was the PHE (public health england) that did the research into this and this is the problem. Article 20 of the TPD was created before all the test data was published, in fact so much more information has come to light in favour of vaping since the TPD was re-written, but it does not take into account this information and the TPD could force people back to smoking cigarettes which is by far the most dangerous option.

When will this come into play ?

The TPD is due to become law on 20th May 2016, although vaping as it currently stands will still be fine until November 20th 2016 when if the product does not conform to the new rules it shall be wiped off the shelves. 99% of the current vaping products on the market have been confirmed as non TPD compliant and so whatever you are using today will not be available from November 2016 and it will never return to the market.

What can be done about this?

Very little now stands between article 20 of the TPD becoming law but we urge you to fight this until the very end.

The very first thing that you should do is head over to the following website and sign the petition

Then we highly recommend writing to your MP using the following website

Keep your eyes on the legal challenge that totally wicked have launched against article 20 on

Finally spread the word to all your friends and family because it does not matter whether they vape or not they must stand up for your freedom to make a choice.

In May 2016 the Tobacco Product Directive will mean that almost everything that we love about vaping will be banned. Many MPs aren't aware about the implications for their vaping or smoking constituents. They are there to work for you, so tell them how you feel about this.